My Birthday in Berlin

Hello, everyone!

Once again, this post is extremely late. My birthday was April 9th (2 weeks ago, now?), and I went on amazing trip to Berlin for it!

Sari & Kendal joined me for the trip/celebration, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to join me in my b-day celebration. I had never been to Germany before, so I was really excited to explore a new country/city. Berlin is very much a city, with lots of stores and restaurants that I recognized from the United States, but there was also plenty of monuments, museums, and historic landmarks that are iconic to Berlin and its history.

The history of Berlin was one of the most fascinating things about the city. Again, I won’t do an in-depth description of what we did each day. I will just post some pictures below with descriptions!

Brandenburg Gate, the former city gate.



The Reichstag – where parliament is located. You can go up to the glass dome, but apparently had to get tickets a few days in advance. Since we didn’t know, we didn’t get the chance to go up 😦


One portion of the Eastside Gallery – parts of the Berlin Wall are still up, and artists have painted murals on them (on the East side of the wall 😉 ). A lot of them are really colorful, and I could NOT stop taking pictures. This one was one of my favorites!



Here are some more murals!





Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing point between East Berlin & West Berlin (before the wall came down).



This was the Holocaust Memorial, which was a pretty powerful place, to say the least.



We also went to the Topography of Terror, a museum that sits on the original site of the headquarters for the Gestapo & SS during the Nazi Regime. Some pretty intense pictures were displayed inside of the museum that showed the terror imposed by the Nazi Regime, and part of the Berlin Wall (slightly noticeable in this this picture) is still up outside of it.



I essentially ate my way through Berlin. I’m not gonna lie, I am usually not a huge fan of German food, but for some reason, craved everything I saw.

Here is a super attractive picture of me eating a bratwurst.


On my birthday, we went to a brewery/restaurant called Brauhaus Sudstern. We loved it so much, we went there twice!

I had one of their light brews on my birthday!



This was the schnitzel wiener-art that I had the second night we went there – probably my favorite meal of the whole trip.



On our last day in Berlin, we went to KaDeWe, a HUGE department store in Berlin (think of it as the Harrod’s of Germany). It is apparently the largest department store in continental Europe, so we decided to check out their food floor. For some very odd reason, we found ourselves near the crepe section. The woman behind the counter gave us samples of rice pudding, and I fell in love. While Sari & Kendal got crepes, I got this giant bowl of rice pudding with fresh fruit and ate the whole thing.



This is a doner kebab, apparently a specialty of Berlin. I didn’t question it, and ate the whole thing.



Our last day, we went to Charlotenburg Palace, the only royal residence in Berlin. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, and we did some exploring.




I hope you enjoyed reading this! Hopefully my next few posts won’t take as long (chances are they probably will!).