The Strategic Design of HeForShe

Some might not know it, but I a huge nerd when it comes to digital design. I think many can agree with me on this, but I take websites, blogs, and brands with good looking designs and logos a bit more seriously than others that might not look as good. And with this in mind, I think that the design of the HeForShe campaign is a huge reason why it has been so successful.

HeForShe has a very distinct design, and I was curious as to what was the thought process behind it. Designing a brand – especially a hot topic brand like HeForShe – is a very meticulous process. Especially since HeForShe encompasses such a controversial issue, even the design of the campaign has a purpose. Just as I had predicted, there was much thought behind the look of the HeForShe campaign. Here is what I found out…

The New York design studio known as DIA was the mastermind behind HeForShe’s striking logo and other branding materials (Krasniansky). Mitchell Paone, the designer responsible for HeForShe, was faced with the task of creating “an identity that resonated with both genders equally” while at the same time related to audiences of all different cultures (Krasniansky). With support for HeForShe coming from over 100 countries, the design of it was very important (Krasniansky).

The logo is formed by two shapes that together look like a cross giving “a sense of urgency and of something that needs to be fixed” (Armin) DIA states on their website that the logo is meant to represent the solidarity movement by “joining together aspects of both the female and male symbols.  This union symbolizes women and men working together to make gender equality a reality.  This mark does not favor the male or female symbol, but blends them together creating a new symbol for humanity and gender equality” (DIA).

While communicating a shared sensibility between masculine and feminine identities, they also portrayed a sense of boldness with the typography (DIA). This paired with the “powerful, warm and energetic” colors – black, white, and fuchsia – create a very thoughtful logo for the HeForShe brand (DIA).

If you just take a look at some of the promotional materials that DIA produced, you can see how they used the logo and the shapes in many different ways. From pins to stationery, scarves, posters, tickets, brochures, and I am sure much more, HeForShe has used the design strategically. Check out the beautiful designs below!







(All photos: DIA)


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2 thoughts on “The Strategic Design of HeForShe

  1. Glenn Hefley says:

    Wow.. that is so cool that you got into this with the logo. I’m rather impressed to be honest with you.

    As it happens, I have a #HeForShe project on the table right now. It is a Marketing/ Rebranding effort. Very extensive, very challenging and certainly not to be taken lightly. Some serious study, getting into some heavy end subject matters.

    So… Interested ? it is #HeForShe work.. no pay, but a great experience

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